Veryus Blue Caraceniza



Veryus Blue Caraceniza Snapback Cap (Suede)

Have you ever been to the island Hispaniola? When you’ll visit this amazing island located in the Caribbean don’t forget to look for the Tyto glaucops or ashy-faced owl. These extraordinary owls have a blue face just like our Veryus Blue Caraceniza. Which is the way the locals call these owls. “Cara” face, “ceniza” ashes

  • Named after: Ashy-faced owl (Tyto glaucops)
  • Species: Barn-owls (Tytonidae)
  • Distribution: Haïti, Dominican Republic (Hispaniola)
  • Local name: “Lechuza Cara Ceniza”
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Each first collection cap is named after an owl. Some obvious, some more secretive. Wanna know the meaning of the other suède caps? Check them all out…