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Waterproof Drybag

Drybag, like the word already explains, is a flexible waterproof bag that protects clothing and sensitive apparel. By wrapping up the bag, you’re able to protect your stuff against water and rain. They are often used during canoeing and rafting, but why shouldn’t you use them during a regular rainy day? Because with their capacity of 10 litres you can easily store all your stuff. 

Name of the drybag?

Did you notice that all our dry bags have a very distinctive name? All of our bags are named after mythological creatures that were said to live in the water…

Scolopendra was a giant sea monster, part crayfish and part shrimp. According to some, scolopendra was the largest sea monster there was, because it regularly caused ships to go down into the sea. In Latin scolopendra means centipede. 

Triton was a son of Poseidon and therefore a Greek god of the sea. Triton has been often described as the typical merman, with his humanlike upper body and lower body of a fish. Did you know that Bernini created a fountain in Rome that was named after Triton: the Fontana del Tritone

Aphros en Bythos were both water centaurs (Ichthyocentauren), hybrid creatures with the upper body of a human, lower body of a horse and the tail of a fish.  Aphros represents foam in Greek mythology, whereas Bythos the depth. By the way, we’re not the only one using Aphros as a product name. In the South of Portugal the “Aphros” wine is being produced. Maybe we will try their wine soon to find out whether their quality is just as superior as our Aphros product…