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Baseball Caps

Looking for a cap, yet no clue to choose between the different styles? No worries, we will help you out. Baseballs have a round brim (the front side of the cap). When you like to wear a cap with the logo up front, baseball caps are ideal. Besides that, baseball caps are gaining popularity in women. Our baseballs are made of suede or corduroy fabric and have a strap on the backside to make the cap bigger or smaller. 

Trucker Caps

Similar to baseballs, truckers have a round brim. The difference however is the fact that trucker caps have a mesh on the back side of the cap. Therefore truckers are ideal to wear with the brim faced forward. Our Veryus trucker caps are designed with a really special type of mesh, the mesh is so small that you’ll probably won’t even notice that it’s mesh. All of our truckers have an adjustable strap on the back side

Snapback Caps

Snapbacks have a flat brim. Therefore, many people wear these caps backwards. All of our snapbacks have an adjustable strap or buckle on the back of the cap. 

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