Amsterdam, 2013…

The beginning…

Veryus is the story of two Dutch students, Julien Winkel and Terry Wagner, who were looking for a cap they liked in regard to quality and fit. Even after traveling the world for 11 months they were not able to find a cap that would match their criteria. Therefore, they decided to create these caps themselves. After a never ending selection process in where many different manufacturers, fabrics and materials were tested they found the perfect combination and Veryus was born. 

After working side by side for a couple of years, Julien started a second company within artificial intelligence and therefore took a step back from Veryus

What does “Veryus” mean?

Veryus is a combination of “very us” and “various”. “very us”, in other words close to ourselves, comes from the fact that both founders were very fond of wearing caps. It should be pronounced as “various”, reminding them to be creative at all times with various designs and different colours. Especially in regard to superior quality and fit Veryus aims to be a leader in the cap industry. 

Why the owl?

An owl symbolises freedom and wisdom. Freedom to be reminded of traveling the world and discover new venues. Wisdom in making the right decisions and being friendly to others. Especially during your travels you will most likely meet people from other cities and cultures, all having their own unique story to tell..

Travel in style

With the slogan “let’s travel the world with Veryus”, Veryus tries to stimulate people to travel the world and explore. So far, the Owl has been spotted in more than 30 different countries =). Almost every week a new photo of a backpacker shows up, wearing our unique caps during a hike or at a different adventurous venue. Are you next?

Veryus now

Anno 2021 the Veryus products are being sold in more than 10 different online- and offline venues. Including shops in the city centre of Amsterdam, Zaandam and Noordwijk. Besides caps Veryus created more travel accessories, including dry bags and beanies.

Besides Veryus, Terry is currently working as a doctor within the surgery department. Recently he was fortunate enough to be part of a humanitarian medical mission in Ghana. In 2019 the Dutch magazine Arts&Auto wrote an article about Terry, combining medical school and a clothing brand.

The main objective is to become a valuable a trustworthy brand within the hat apparel. In addition, Terry wants to combine Veryus and his medical career. Ideally this means donating a part of Veryus’ revenue to medical projects to create an equal world. 

A lifestyle blogger from Amsterdam: Amsterdamming joined Terry for 24 hours and wrote a really nice article about this experience!! Click here to read.

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