Veryus Grey Wapacuthu


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Veryus Grey Wapacuthu Snapback Cap (Suede)

Welsh naturalist Thomas Pennant first described the wapacuthu owl in 1785. In his book “Arctic Zoology” Pennant speaks of wapacuthu as a black/white owl, with yellow eyes. Recent research shows that the wapacuthu owls were not distinct from the Bubo virgianus subarcticus owls. Therefore the name should be regarded as nomen dubium (a name of doubtful application). However, we like the name “wapacuthu” and keep its existence alive in our Veryus Grey Wapacuthu. “Wap” means white in Cree language and “Wapacuthu” therefore white owl.

  • Named after: Northern Great Horned Owl (Bubo virgianus wapacuthu (now: subarcticus))
  • Species: True owls (Strigidae)
  • Distribution: Canada, USA (Northern states)
  • Local name: “Wapacuthu”

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