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Privacy Policy

Privacy statement Veryus
Veryus considers a serious handling of data of great importance.

Veryus complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.In this privacy statement Veryus explains which data it collects, uses and for what purpose. Veryus advises reading this privacy statement.

Article 1. General
This privacy policy applies to all website visits of the website (hereafter: “the Website”).

Article 2. Collection and use of personal data

If you use the Website and the contact form on the Website, Veryus stores the following personal data of you:
Data that Veryus receives on the basis of your use of the Website. Veryus collection type your IP address and the type of browser you use, but also the date and time of your visit to the Website and how you use the Website
The details you enter on the contact form or the order form, being: first name and last name, e-mail address, house number, street name, city and your ZIP. Veryus collects these data to respond to Veryus sends via the website and to send the orders. The data can also be collected in a intern spreadsheet in the interest of a right shipping.

Article 3. Transfer to third parties

Retention transfer as mentioned in the privacy statement,  will not accept your content on other and outgoing permission.
Veryus may perform addition to work using, referred to in this privacy statement, processing of personal data. These processors always process the responsibility of Veryus and are not allowed to carry out their own processing on the personal execution.

Article 4. Cookies
Veryus uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is stored with pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer.
Veryus uses cookies to analyze your settings and preferences. You can disable these cookies via the browser.
Cookies are placed via the Website from the American company Google as part of the “Google Analytics” service. Veryus uses this service to keep track of, and reports on, how you use the services offered. Google may provide this information to third parties Google is legally required, or for multiple information The Google name.  Veryus has signed a processor agreement with Google. Veryus has also disabled the forwarding of IP addresses to Google via analytics.
More information about cookies by Veryus can be found in the Cookie Statement.

Article 5. Websites and services of third parties
This privacy policy does not apply to websites of third parties connected to the Veryus website. Veryus can not guarantee that they will handle your personal data in a reliable way and / or safely. Veryus recommends that you carefully read the privacy statement of such third-party websites.

Article 6. Change / removal of personal data
You have the right to view, correct, hide and / or delete, destroy and protect your personal data, ie the Personal Data Protection Act.
When you are in the previous member, you can contact Veryus via

Article 7. Return policy
Veryus provides a 14 day return policy. The customer is not permitted to provide a reason for the return. The return address can be found on the label. In case the label is not readable, the customer can receive the return address by sending an email towards Veryus will reply within 48 hours. When the product(s) have been returned to Veryus, Veryus will check the quality of the product. When the quality is still good, Veryus will contact the customer by email in order to receive bank account details regarding cashback. The customer provides Veryus the bank account number. Veryus will pay the customers refund within 14 days.

Article 8. Security
The website uses a secure and encrypted SSL connection. You can see the URL in the address bar, which starts with https.

Article 9. Changes to the privacy statement

Veryus has the right to change this privacy statement.
If Veryus could decide to change this privacy statement, these changes will be included in the privacy statement. Veryus will inform you of this change during a period of three months by means of an entry on its website.