New at Veryus: the Waterproof Dry Bag

Dry bag, like the word already reveals, is a flexible waterproof bag which will protect clothing, sensitive accessoires and other items. By folding the dry bag multiple times your stuff will be protected from water and rain. Dry bags are often used in canoeing and rafting, but why not use them as a regular bag on a rainy day? With its capacity of 10L all of your stuff will easily fit.

Available in 4 options

  1. Black Bythos – 10L, black, white owl 20 cm
  2. Black Scolopendra – 10L, black, white owl 5 cm
  3. Grey Aphros – 10L, grey, black owl 5 cm
  4. Grey Triton – 10L, grey, black owl 20 cm

We at Veryus try to inspire people to explore, dream and discover. Since 2013 our authentic suede Owl caps have been spotted in over 30 countries all around the globe. With our dry bags we hope to achieve the same. Together we can travel the world. Share your unique travel photos with #veryus or tag our page @theowlofveryus to get featured.

Experience the quality of our dry bags at Memento, Amsterdam